Our Story

“That’s Ridiculous!
Are you out of your mind?”

Back in 2010, and after 13 years of tutoring math to secondary students I finally noticed……………a BIG problem. 
While being tutored, my students would appear engaged and mostly confident. 
But when it came to picking up a pen and practising or bringing me completed homework, hmmm……. Not much got done. 
I gave them………. exercises, they brought back……….. excuses. 
“It was too hard”, “I still don’t get it?”, “I got stuck”, “I ran out of time”.
My teacher friends could relate. It was the same problem…….too little if any math homework or practice got done.
Parents were also telling me they couldn’t get their kids to put in more effort.
Sadly the kids that don’t practice much are the ones that don’t do well in tests. 
Research has proven in countless studies that without practice you can’t do well in math tests. Why? Because math is not a subject; it’s a skillset. 
The only way to do well in math tests is to practise, practise and practise. 
But todays’ students prefer to avoid practise, and instead to consume math information through… YouTube, Google or tuition and textbooks.
The truth is, we don’t learn math by consuming it; We learn math by doing it.

Game Changing Idea

What can I do to make learning math easier?  How can I help my students to like practicing math?
So again back in 2010 I asked one of my students, 
“Hey Telly, tell me the truth…….why didn’t you do your math homework?” 
He moaned……
“I keep getting stuck…. and the answer at the back of the book doesn’t help.  Instead of having a stupid answer at the back of the book, they should put videos there.” 
What if I could produce so many math videos, that for every exercise you try, you would get a step by step video explanation for that exact same exercise? 
I told my wife the idea, since she is a teacher…………. so she would understand.

“That’s ridiculous!  Are you out of your mind?
Do you know how long it would take?
It would take years.
You’d need thousands and thousands of videos!”

Well…, that was the exact encouragement I needed to start. 
So 10 years and nearly 5000 math practice videos later, VividMath is still growing. 
Finally, students can feel confident to practise math, without the fear of getting stuck, confused or stuffing up. 
No more skipping exercises, struggling and losing confidence.
Now they can get unstuck and get ahead quickly without the headache of having to schedule and then wait around for a math tutor. 
VividMath is math help on demand, even at 11pm the night before your test. Available 24/7.
Best of all, it’s only a tiny fraction of the cost of a math tutor.
So anytime you are stuck, confused or lost, just click and get instantly clear.
Steve Koumoulas, CEO, VividMath