About Steve

Founder and CEO

They call me the “The Weatherman”. I have been teaching maths for over 20 years and I believe it’s not enough to only know your maths. You’ve also got to understand how the student learns. During that time I have spent a lot of time researching the field of education by studying and applying educational psychology, neuroscience and accelerated learning to maths. I have closely studied and modelled how top students learn maths. Everything I have learned along the way I have applied to this platform to help other students learn maths just as effectively. This is why so many of my students have enjoyed big gains in their grades and have even been showcased in the media*.

At this point, I have to thank Tony Robbins (Worlds’ Number 1 Performance Coach) who has coached me in becoming more physically dynamic in the way I teach maths. This is why I use my hands a lot when pointing out or highlighting ideas on the whiteboard, ...which is probably why my students often call me “The Weatherman”.