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Alex Merton-McCann

Jun 4, 2018

"Trying to help Mr 16 with maths today. Big shout out to @VividMath for the great video tutorials! #grateful”

Melvin Ariano

Oct 24, 2023

“Learning on Vividmath has been great with my studies and has worked out much better for me than face to face tutoring. The customer support is awesome too."

Ruby King

Jan 02, 2020

"Thank you for these videos! I am a Math teacher. Right now all schools are on lock-down and we are distance teaching our students. I am asking my students to refer to your videos.



Mar 30, 2024

"Vividmath has been a much better experience for me and my son than tutoring in the past. He’s able to learn in his own time and has performed better in his exams since signing him up. Positive experience overall."


Marcelle Carbon

Sep 13, 2021

"VividMath was exactly what we needed. We had used tutors in the past but with VividMath we are able to rewatch math problems which is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend this product... it has made a world of difference to my child’s understanding of Math. Thank you VividMath"



Apr 18, 2022

"This really works, I told my mum I no longer need my tutor, VividMath is that good, thanks Steve!"

John K.

Dec 12, 2022

"Vivid maths has enhanced my understanding in various maths topics and has given me the foundations to tackle harder problems. My marks have improved by 20%. The questions vary in difficulty, which allowed me to build the confidence to improve my abilities progressively. I consistently understand..."Read More

Lauren A.

a year ago

“Vividmath is a great resource. My 16 year old son uses vividmath a lot and he really enjoys it. It has been a real timesaver as we don’t have to worry about organising tutoring. Great for learning and practicing!”

Nivad Jagad

Mar 17, 2022

"Vividmath has been really helpful because everything is so well explained. Now I just so get it and can move on to the next question confidently."


Jan Dundas

Nov 10, 2021

"The program, in all categories, was relevant and easy to follow and remain focussed. The presentation was clear and able to be well comprehended. It is an amazing resource to enable easy access. It offers a positive experience for all."


Sharon Jackson

Mar 27, 2022

"There is so much video content, it looks very comprehensive. The quizzes are very engaging, which is probably why my son applies himself more than I have ever seen!"


Nicholas Adams

Jul 31, 2021

"This site Vividmath makes maths so much easier and more enjoyable to actually practice any topic. Thanks so much!"


Nov 29, 2021

“I've been using vividmath for a couple of years now. It is super easy to use and I love that I'm able to find video lessons for each concept. All topics are covered in depth, which gave me a lot of confidence.”

Peter M.

27 Feb, 2022

"What an awesome way to learn math. Vividmath makes the concepts super easy to understand. The videos are very clear and the explanations are step by step which makes it so easy to follow."

Alex Nellie

a year ago

“Without a doubt one of the best platforms out there for math! The content is so comprehensive with so many videos for each topic. I've found VividMath to be very helpful with my homework and tests!”


Anija Paret

Sep 26, 2021

"My son is enjoying the way Vividmath works. He used to struggle and lack confidence in math and now he is so engaged, its really amazing to watch him grow in confidence."


2 months ago

“Fantastic learning tool”



Feb 11, 2020

“I have a pretty good tutor, but she is never around when I need help. I always get bogged down soon after she leaves and then have to wait for the next week to get her help, by then it’s too late. Then I found out about Vividmath. It’s like help anytime, everyday. When I do an exercise and if I get stuck, no problem there is a matching video to clear up my confusion. Thanks Vividmath!”