California Privacy Policy

VividMath has prepared this California Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) to inform California residents of the information that relates to or could reasonably be associated with California residents or households that we collect and how we use and disclose that information and the privacy rights California residents may have relating to their Personal Information and how those rights can be exercised. This Notice is incorporated into and forms part of our Privacy Policy. By accessing or using the Service, you agree to the practices described in this Notice. If you do not agree to this Notice, please do not access the Site or otherwise use the Service.

Personal Information Collection

Category of Personal Information Examples Sources Of Personal Information Use of Personal Information Disclosure of Personal Information
Identification Information Your first and last name (optional), IP address, email address, and payment information (optional – only for subscribers) We obtain Identification Information from you. We use Identification Information for anti-fraud measures, debugging, creating accounts, and creating optional community profiles. We disclose Identification Information to analytics services, marketing platforms, email providers, and payment processors.
Social Media Information If you sign up for the Service using a social media account, we may collect information from the social media service. The information we collect will depend on your settings with the social media service but could include your name, email, preferred language, profile photo, and other information We collect Social Media Information from the social media service that you use to log-in to the Services. We use Social Media Information to conduct business analytics and to create accounts on our platform. We disclose Social Media Information to analytics services and email providers.
Internet Activity Information We may collect information relating to how you use our websites and apps (such as your IP address, domain server, and browser type), whether you open or click links in emails we send, and how you interact with our advertisements. We obtain Internet Activity Information from you and third-party marketing platforms. We use Internet Activity Information for anti-fraud measures, debugging, and conducting analytics. We disclose Internet Activity Information to analytics services and marketing platforms.
Location Information We may derive a rough estimate of your location from your IP address. We obtain Location Information from you. We use Location Information for anti-fraud measures, debugging, and conducting analytics. We disclose Location Information to analytics services, marketing platforms, and email providers.

California Privacy Rights

To the extent provided for by law and subject to applicable exceptions, California residents have the following privacy rights in relation to the Personal Information we collect:

  • The right to opt out: We do not and will not sell your Personal Information but we may share Personal Information (including Identification Information and Internet Activity Information) with social media platforms and other advertising partners that will use that information to serve you targeted advertisements when you are on social media platforms and other third-party websites. We do not control and are not responsible for the social media platforms’ or advertising partners’ processing of your Personal Information. You can opt out of all targeted advertising related to our Services by clicking here and you can opt out through our advertising partners individually as follows:
  • Facebook: Click here to opt out
  • Google: Click here to opt out
  • The right to be free from discrimination relating to the exercise of any of your privacy rights.
  • The right to know what Personal Information we have collected and how we have used and disclosed that Personal Information.
  • The right to request deletion of your Personal Information

You can request any further information or exercise the above privacy rights by emailing: [email protected]

Effective Date: January 12, 2024